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about us


L&A Essential Trucking LLC was created during he pandemic to create more sources of hope through self employment of others. Our motto is on time Every time even tough this challenging year. The owner Voneice Hall is a Chicago native who knows about being present and punctual and motivated she has degree in paralegal studies.

As a truck driver you are the backbone of the world’s economy and you should be treated as such a valuable person. Here at L&A Essential Trucking LLC, we have no forced dispatch so you truly will be your own boss. We also make sure that we not only are just booking loads but booking smart loads that allow you to maximize profit coming into a location AND going out of a location.

We like to call ourselves the nations premier dispatching service for good reasons! Our 24/7 availability along with our use of cloud based technology allows for a smooth dispatching experience.

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Let the professionals do their thing.

When you put your freight on the road, you need to know that it is in the hands of experts, and we deliver on that for you. Let us keep you on a safe side.

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